Rec Uniform Information

Elementary School (Grades K-5)

For the past 50 years, Arlington Soccer's 12 Neighborhood Clubs with their different uniforms have been one of Arlington Rec's most distinctive features. Each elementary school player will need a Neighborhood-club appropriate jersey in order to participate in Arlington Soccer Rec games.

These uniform jerseys are available for purchase from the Score website.

To take a closer look at the jerseys please look below or click here!

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

During the middle school years, players often choose to change teams to be with new friends from outside their neighborhood. Also, teams need to add players as they move to bigger fields and larger squads. To facilitate this process, Arlington Soccer has a middle school uniform that is the same across all of Arlington Soccer. It has two jerseys:

  • blue "home" jersey that teams wear when they are the "home" team
  • white "away" jersey that teams wear when they are the "away" team

Your player simply wears the right color shirt to the game.

You choose your preferred size and your choice of jersey number on the back. Please purchase the uniform when you register for under $24. As with all Arlington Soccer uniforms, you can always use your own shorts and socks.

If you buy the jerseys a bit large, they can last through high school, where each team is free to create their own unique uniform.