Tryouts & Fees

Tryouts & Fees

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2017-2018 Travel Soccer Tryouts Overview

To be read by every family prior to tryouts:

2017-2018 ASA Travel Soccer Commitment Letter  — English    

Carta de Compromiso 2017-2018 para Jugador y Padres (Commitment letter in Spanish)  — Espanol     

Concussion Waiver English / Español
Concussion – Return to Play Protocol English / Español

Arlington Travel Soccer (ATS) is geared toward growing and developing premier level teams and players. The staff, coaches, and developmental programs are of the highest quality. ATS makes a year-long commitment to our professional coaching staff and to our players. We expect ATS players and families to make the same full-year commitment.

ATS holds annual age-group open tryouts in the spring to form teams for the next soccer year (fall-spring). The goal of these tryouts is the selection of players for all teams within ATS. To fund the ATS program, each player pays a club fee to play on a travel team. This player fee covers ATS’s salaries, league participation and referee fees, portions of the ASA’s administrative expenses, State and National registration fees, player insurance, player development programs and other Travel Program expenses. Additionally, players need to pay team fees.

Travel Tryout Criteria & Format

  please read


  Travel Soccer Tryout Format 2017-2018 – to be posted by end of March


How are players evaluated and selected for travel teams? Players are evaluated using several criteria. The three most important areas of evaluation are technical ability, speed and character.

  1. Technical:
    • Can a player handle the ball technically under pressure and in tight spaces?
  2. Speed:
    1. Pure Speed—Is the player fast from point A to B?
    2. Technical Speed—Can the player handle the ball under pressure?
    3. Tactical Speed—Can the player make fast decisions with and without the ball?
  3. Character:
    1. Does the player like to compete?
    2. Is he/she a positive influence on the group?
    3. Does the player possess a high work rate?
    4. Does the player bring passion and energy to the game?

Players are evaluated in these and other areas and, if selected, placed on teams that best meet each player’s developmental needs. Players that are not selected for the travel soccer program will be provided with information on other Arlington soccer programs and teams.

Travel Soccer Expectations

  • 2017-2018 Travel Soccer FAQ  (includes “Playing-Up” Policy) – to be posted by end of March


Travel Tryout Dates

Dates for 9U (2009 Birth year) travel tryouts will be posted end of March.

Remaining tryout dates posted by early May

Looking for tryout information on the Development Academy? Please visit the Development Academy page.

2017-2018 Travel Soccer Tryout Registration

Travel Soccer players are grouped on teams by birth year.

PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR TRAVEL TRYOUTS BY CLICKING ON THE RED BUTTON BELOW   Registration button will be activated in late March.        

Travel Soccer Tryout Registration will close 48 hours before the first scheduled tryout in an age group. There will be on-site Registration for any tryout that is closed online.  Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early to register on-site.

Players should bring the following to travel tryouts:

  • Ball
  • Shin guards
  • Water
  • The tryout number should be written on a white label and attached to the shorts on the front leg.   This can be done with sticky labels or safety pins.  We will have extra labels on-site.  This number should be visible at each tryout session. Please wear a plain white t-shirt.  Do not include any other information on the t-shirt (no name, team affiliation, logo, etc.).  (tryouts numbers will be sent the week prior to tryouts)

Please do not wear or bring any travel club uniform apparel from any club including travel uniform jersey/ shorts/socks, practice jersey’s, warm-ups & backpack, etc.

A parent should stay at the tryout with their player in case there is an injury or severe weather.

Need to update an email address or phone number in the database?

2017-2018 Travel Tryout Results

tryout results

Tryout results–For Program select TRAVEL, then sort by age group, tryout number or last name – link will be activated once tryouts begin.


2017-2018 Travel Soccer Club Fees

Fees are divided into club fees and team fees, and vary based on age group and team. Learn more about team tiering and  What’s included in Club and Team Fees 2017-2018

  • Payable by credit card, cash, money order or check.
  • Arlington County charges an annual user fee$16/player ($40/non-resident player). This annual user fee will be collected in the initial payment.
  • Late Fees
    • A $25 non-refundable, late fee for payments received past the due date.
  •  Refund Policy

Club Fees can be paid in full within seven (7) days of offer or Payment #1 made within seven (7) days of offer and remaining payments paid as outlined below.

Fees will be posted the end of March after Board approves Budget.

Birth Year Age Group/Tier  Total          Payment #1  

    Within seven (7) days of offer

Payment #2
Sep 1
Payment #3
Oct 1
Payment #4
Nov 1
Payment #5
Dec 1

All 2008-2005 Teams     (U9-U12)

2004-2003 Tier 1                                             (U13-U14)
Red Teams

2004-2003 Tier 2                                           (U13-U14)
White Teams

2004-2003  Tier 3                                       (U13-U14)
Blue, Black Teams

2002-1998/97  Tier 1                                  (U15-U19/20)
Red Teams

2002-1998/97  Tier 2                                  (U15-U19/20)  
White Teams

2002-1998/97  Tier 3                                  (U15- U19/20)
Blue, Black Teams

Note: Tier 2  & 3 players are eligible to attend Tier 1 skills training sessions for an additional fee.


    • Team fees are not included in the club fees.

    • Team fees are unique to each team and vary for age groups, team colors, and tournaments played.

2017-2018 Age Group Information Sheets

To be posted by end of March



2017-2018 Travel Soccer Financial Aid

ASA will offer financial aid for ASA Travel Soccer players, to the extent possible, to financially challenged youth and their families. Financial aid awards will be based on the number of players demonstrating need, the extent of the need and the budget available for financial aid in a given soccer year. Financial funds are LIMITED and will run out so submit your application as soon as possible.

Apply early! You should apply for Financial Aid BEFORE tryouts begin.

2017-2018 Financial Aid Instructions and Application— English   to be posted by end of March

Please read and complete entire application then return, along with ALL required documentation. Incomplete applications or applications without documentation cannot be reviewed

Ayuda Financiera Soccer Travel 2017-2018

ASA ofrecerá ayuda financiera para los jugadores de soccer Travel a los jóvenes y a sus familias al máximo posible. La ayuda financiera otorgada estará basada en el número de jugadores que demuestren que lo necesiten, al límite de la necesidad y al presupuesto disponible en el año de la temporada de soccer. Los fondos financieros están LIMITADOS y llegarán a su fin, con lo cual, solicite la ayuda lo más pronto posible.

Solicítelo pronto!!! Usted debería hacerlo ANTES que las pruebas empiezen.

Instrucciones para la Solicitud, y Formularios de Ayuda Financiera 2017-2018 — Español to be posted by end of March

Haga el favor de leer y completar la solicitud y devuélvala con toda la documentación requerida. Aquellas solicitudes que estén incompletas o sin documentación, no podrán ser consideradas.


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