Travel Policies

Travel Policies

The Travel Program incorporates program specificity in our policies and practices to meet any unique needs of the Travel Soccer Program. Subcommittees have responsibility for drafting and updating various policies and practices on an as needed and ongoing basis.

Any and all proposed new policy adoption or existing policy updates are brought to the full Travel Committee for review, discussion, and approval. Once approved at the Travel Committee, they are then communicated to the ASA Board. The ASA Board has the ability to veto any policy or practice that it deems to be in conflict with any broader ASA Policy or Guideline.

The policies and practices listed below are great resources for Team Managers, Team Treasurers, Team Coordinators, and other parents serving in volunteer positions.

Travel Program Charters and Policies

Travel Program Charter – Revised July 2016

ATSP Refund Policy revised April 23 2014

ASA Travel Soccer Escalation Policy

Senior Team Policy – Under revision Summer 2017

ODP Regional Trip Policy (adopted by the ASA Board in March 2013, amended in May 2014):  A player from ASA who is invited to participate on a Region 1 ODP select team traveling internationally will be provided $500 from ASA in support of the international trip, provided that the player is currently receiving ASA financial assistance and is current with all payments.  Players seeking such support need to submit documentation and a check request form to the Finance Manager.

Guidelines for Weather Concerns:  Weather conditions can and do vary from field to field, and certainly from one moment to the next.  ASA’s coaches have the responsibility of conducting safe practices and we will rely on them for the “go/no-go” decision at the field based on thunder, lightning or unsafe conditions.   The current Arlington County field policy requires that players stay off the field for 30 minutes after thunder or lightning.

In some circumstances, it is possible that ASA would make a decision to cancel practices, but our general approach is that we proceed with activities  unless there is an immediate and clear concern.  We tend to make cancellation decisions in the winter due to cold temperatures.  However, we are not able to predict thunderstorms over the course of the evening at varying locations and thus will have to leave decisions to be made at the field or by team just ahead of departure time.   If weather predictions are calling for thunderstorms and a practice is in progress, we ask that parents/carpools have someone stay at the field in case we have to stop a practice because of weather.

Executive Subcommittee

Playing Up Policy_approved_2_17_16

ASA Region I Tournament Fee Reimbursement Policy + Give Back Policy


Rules and Discipline Subcommittee

2017-2018 ASA Travel Soccer Commitment Letter- English

  • Carta de Compromiso 2017-2018 para Jugador y Padres  (Commitment letter in Spanish) –Español


Goal Safety Policy – Adopted October 2013

Player Safety Policies document– UPDATED March 2015
Now available en español

Uniform Approach to Suspected Concussions – NEW April 2015


Tryout Subcommittee

Tryout Procedures


Finance Subcommittee

Finance Subcommittee Charter 1/20/2009

Region I Tournament Fee Reimbursement & Give Back Policy

ATS Business Travel Policy Revised Oct 30 2015

ASA Travel Grant Application Fall 2015


Communications Subcommittee

Travel Team Web Presence Policy

Personal Information Online Policy

ASIST Subcommittee

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