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Tournament Covid Policies

Arlington Soccer welcomes your teams for our upcoming tournament games!

As with all others in the area, we are committed to working to provide a safe environment for our players, staff and community.  We appreciate that you take the time to review the protocols with your teams - coaches, staff and families.  If you or they have any questions, please email  ReturnToPlay@arlingtonsoccer.com

Face Coverings:  Face covering are recommended to be worn by coaches, players and spectators when physical distancing cannot be maintained.  Face coverings are not required for players when actively playing. 

Physical Distancing:   Coaches, players and spectators should try to maintain a physical distance of 6 feet whenever possible.  

Capacity:   At the outdoor events, there is no capacity limit for games - however, please continue to try to maintain physical distance whenever possible.

Reporting:  During the event, or for the period of 2 days after the event, if a coach or player has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or if they have tested positive, they should contact ReturnToPlay@arlingtonsoccer.com immediately.

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