Tournament Covid Policies

Arlington Soccer welcomes your teams for our upcoming tournament games!

As with all others in the area, we are committed to working to provide a safe environment for our players, staff and community.  We appreciate that you take the time to review the protocols with your teams - coaches, staff and families.  If you or they have any questions, please email


The foundational pillars of this protocol are:

  • .       Physical Distance
  • .       Face Coverings
  • .       Hand Hygiene
  • .       Communication

The Primary Responsibilities of the Teams are outlined below.  The staff of each club/team are responsible to ensure the compliance of their players, parents and coaches.


Per the guidelines from the Virginia governor, only 2 spectators per player are permitted.  Site specific guidelines will be published and distributed to teams prior to tournament weekend.    


  • ·        If a player, coach or spectator is feeling ill, has a fever or any signs or symptoms of COVID, or a recent exposure, they should not attend the event.  By attending the event, the individual is certifying that they do not have any symptoms and do not have any known recent exposure.
  • ·        When not active on the field of play, all in attendance must wear a face covering.  This includes players walking to and from the field.
  • ·        Player Stations for equipment (10 feet apart) must be established by the coach.  Bench area for subs must be at least 10 feet apart. For safety reasons, Arlington Soccer is not providing physical benches or tents for teams.
  • ·        Parents and spectators should plan to drop off their player but not come to the field until 5 minutes prior to game time to minimize excess crowding at the field.
  • ·        Tents are not permitted on any fields


  • ·        Fist bumps, high fives, celebrations that involve physical touch are not permitted.
  • ·        Game balls should be identified and sanitized before the game and at half-time.
  • ·        Physical distance of at least 10 feet should be maintained throughout all breaks in play.
  • ·        Masks must be worn by coaches and spectators at all times.


  • ·        Please help to coordinate prompt exit from the field area and clear any trash. Minimize congregating and move promptly to your vehicle.
  • ·        If there are any reported cases of COVID within 7 days of a tournament match, please contact  so we can provide updates to the exposed individuals