Arlington Tournament Series – 3v3 Cup

Arlington Cup 3 v 3 Tournament – The Arlington Soccer Association is pleased to host the 3rd Annual 3v3 tournament in Arlington, VA on June 25, 2017. The 3v3 format offers fast-paced, exciting, skill building and FUN environment for players of all skill levels, ages U8 to U14. This will be a unique tournament where friends, teammates and neighbors can create their own team and assign their own coach. The event is sure to be action packed with a fun and festive atmosphere. Entry fee is $250 per team (U8-U14).

Application is HERE

General Rules:

  • Schedules TBD
  • All games played at Long Bridge Park – Field Configuration TBD
  • Unlimited Rosters (No Goalies)
  • Game duration is 20 minutes with a running clock and substitutes on the fly
    • No halftime
  • No Offside rule
  • Goals can only be scored from attacking half of the field
  • Kick-ins instead of throw-ins
  • All set kicks are indirect
  • Defensive players must be behind the retaining line on kick off (lines will be clearly marked on each field)
  • U8 & U9 teams must be in their defensive half for an opposing goal kick
  • For all free kicks, defensive teams must be at least 3 yards away from the ball
  • Results will be posted live, at the field and can be checked using link to be provided or you can subscribe to have scores texted to you
    • 3 points for win, 1 for draw, zero for loss
    • Tie Breakers: Head to Head, goals against, goals for, most wins, most shut outs.
  • Team colors may conflict, please either have alternate shirts or pinnies in case there is a conflict
  • Winning team reports score to HQ tent immediately after each game.  In the event of a draw, the home team (listed 1st) reports the score.

Registration Deadline is June 10th For questions please contact the Tournament Director2016 Sponsors — Thank you!



2015 Champions, Congratulations!


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