The Garno Family

The Garno Family

Despite the many challenges players have faced throughout the current public health crisis, #TeamArlington continues to improve each and every day with the continued dedication of our coaching staff, and our partnership with Techne.. Today, we feature the Garno siblings - a group that has been on top of our Techne leaderboards week after week.

Olivia Garno is the oldest of the 3 siblings who are all very competitive and love the game. She plays for the 2006 G Blue and says “when [she’s] competing on techne, it fuels [her]”. For Olivia, who has trained for over 280 consecutive days, she saw the opportunity to get better and track her improvement over time during these drills - such as the two-cone dribbling drills. Her younger brothers Charlie and Henry have had quite the rivalry during this time - training together and pushing each other to get better. Charlie plays for the 2008B Blue and Henry for the 2010B Red. Without team sessions, it was nice to have something to do for them, rooting their training back in the fundamentals - supported by the Techne app. Charlie and Henry both really enjoy the 12-surface time trials as a chance to get more comfortable with the ball and improve their control. 

For the Garno siblings, training with Techne is important for many reasons and they want to encourage their teammates to do the same. Some of the highlights they have found is that you can compete with yourself (time trials), your teammates (time trials, leaderboards, etc.), and it’s easier with Techne to put in the work to get where you want to be. They reflected on the necessity to be competitive with yourself to improve your game and found inspiration from each other to put in the work each day.

We are so proud of the Garno siblings and all our #TeamArlington members out there for putting in the work each and every day. Thank you to the Garno family for taking the time to chat with us and keep up the great work!

Stay tuned to our social media for updates on the Techne leaderboards every Monday and other #TeamArlington news throughout the week.  As always, go #TeamArlington!

Check out the video of the Garno Family practicing!