The Arlington Aces club is comprised of students who live within the Taylor Elementary School boundaries.

Club Manager:

Brinton Warren and Kyle Conley

Practice Schedule – Click here, search for ACES in column B

Aces Statistics:

For fall 2013–the Aces started the season with 458 players on 43 teams, from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  There were 224 girls (including 10 who also play travel soccer) and 234 boys (including 9 who also play travel soccer), on 18 girls teams, 19 boys teams, and 6 co-ed teams.

FALL 2014 Practice ScheduleClick here!
FALL 2014 Practice ScheduleClick here!

Team Assignment Policy:

The goal of the Aces team assignment policy is to provide for continuity of team rosters, while also providing for equitable and transparent assignment of both new and returning players to teams.  Team assignments are also subject to roster maximums and travel player maximums assigned by the ASA.

General team assignment:

  • New Kindergarten teams and new 1st-grade teams in the fall season will be assigned based on the requests of parents and coaches.  Previous team assignment will be considered when forming new 1st-grade teams.  Gender balance will be considered when forming Kindergarten teams.
  • Other teams will be formed in the following manner for each returning team:
    1. First, players from the previous season will be assigned to the same team, unless a parent requests a transfer, up until the legacy sign-up deadline (February 21, 2014 for spring 2014 season).
    2. Second, new players and players requesting a transfer will be assigned to the requested (new) team in the order in which they signed up, until the team is full.  Players returning to the Aces after an absence of one season or more will be considered new players.  Players signing up after the ASA legacy sign-up deadline will also be treated as new players for team formation purposes.
    3. Third, players will be assigned to other Aces teams in the same age group if the requested team is full.
    4. Fourth, if all Aces teams are full and no additional teams can be formed, the player will be offered the opportunity of playing for a different ASA club in the same age group.
    5. Fifth, if a player signed up after March 6, 2014, and no recreational team placement can be made, the player will join the Fundamental Soccer program.

In consultation with Aces age-group Coaches, the Aces Club Manager will determine both when an additional team needs to be formed and when an existing team needs to be eliminated.  In each of these cases, the Aces age-group Coaches and Club Manager will determine the allotment of players across the new teams in the age group.

Please note that team sizes change from age-group to age-group, and so the make-up of teams may change from year to year for this reason alone.

All team assignments are ultimately made at the discretion of the Aces Club Manager in consultation with Coaches, with the policies above serving as guidelines.

Practice Assignment Policy:

The goal of the Aces practice assignment policy is to provide Coaches with the ability to select the practice slot of their choice in an equitable and transparent manner, while allowing for Coaches of multiple teams to coordinate their schedules by giving them priority of selection.

Each season, the Aces are allotted a certain set of practice “slots” from the ASA, who has been given a set of slots from Arlington DPRCR.  (A “slot” is a date, time, and location.)  The Head Coaches of each team are given the opportunity to select the practice slot of their choice in the following manner:

  1. Head Coaches of multiple Aces teams select one practice slot for each team.  Coaches are ranked by the number of teams they coach.  For instance, a head coach of three teams selects all of his/her practice slots before a coach of two teams.
  2. Coaches who are Head Coach of one team and Assistant Coach of one or more additional teams select one practice slot for each team.    For the teams on which they are Assistant Coach, they coordinate with the Head Coach before making the choice for that team.  Each Coach selects all of his/her practice slots before the next Coach selects.
  3. Head Coaches who coach one Aces team select a practice slot.

Within each of the three categories, selection order is determined by random number generation.

The Aces Club Manager is ultimately responsible for practice slot assignment, and will determine how the process is operationalized each season.  (In order to save time, coaches are typically asked at the same time to rank their top choices, and the Aces Club Manager assigns practice slots from these rankings based on the principles listed above.)

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