Rec & HS Coach Admin Tools


On this page, you will find valuable administrative information for coaches.

For more ‘coaching’ information (Coaching Courses, X’s & O’s, Coach Handbooks, etc); go to: ASA’s Rec & HS Coach Education Page

On this page, you will find:
1) Key Documents
2) Frequently Asked Questions for Coaches
3) Important Phone Numbers and Contact Information
4) Equipment list (what each coach is given)

Coaches – use this link to access your team rosters: Team Roster
(If you need help with logging in or your password, please contact your club manager)

KEY DOCUMENT #1: Spring 2017 Calendar of Events for Coaches and Parents

KEY DOCUMENTS #2:  Game Formats and Playing Rules (Updated Spring 2017)

KEY DOCUMENT #3ASA Recreational Administrative Handbook

KEY DOCUMENT #4: ASA Fall 2016 Practice Permit

KEY DOCUMENT #5:  ASA Coach Code of Conduct (Updated spring 2016)

KEY DOCUMENT #6:  Parent Code of Conduct and Player Code of Conduct (both updated: December 2016)

KEY DOCUMENT #7:  Player Safety Policies Document (updated March 2015)  Spanish language version

KEY DOCUMENT #8:  Uniform Approach to Suspected Concussions and Concussion Protocol (Fall 2016/Spring 2017)

KEY DOCUMENT #9:  How to access the 3 roster types, and what info each roster type provides

KEY DOCUMENT #10: Coaching license reimbursement form (after you complete a course, electronically fill this out, attach a copy of your newly earned coaching license and a receipt, and mail to: Arlington Soccer Association, Attn: Diane Oden, 5210 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205)

KEY DOCUMENT #11: Spring 2017 Practice Permit (coming spring of 2017)

KEY DOCUMENT #12: Fall 2016 Calendar of Events for Coaches and Families

KEY DOCUMENT #13: Turf space available on a rainy day

Important Phone Numbers
Arlington County Inclement Weather line: 703-228-4715 Call this number to check on the status of fields for practices & games
Arlington County Field Rover: 571-238-0265 Call this number if you have problems with field access

Team Gear – The equipment each team is provided by the ASA

  • BALLS – 1 per player K through 6th grade; 1 per 2 players, 7th grade through HS
  • PINNIES – 1 per 2 players
  • TALL CONES – 8
    • K-2: 16
    • 3-6: 24
    • 7-HS: 32
  • BALL BAG(S) – 1
  • BALL PUMP – 1
  • MED KIT – 1

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