Travel Uniform Kit Pieces Available for Purchase

Travel Uniform Pieces for Sale 
The club is selling Adidas uniform pieces. These items are NEW that were purchased and delivered in the wrong size or number. To purchase email Dave Berver. Payment is via check (made out to ASA), credit card or exact cash.

All available items are listed below and are removed from the page once they are sold.

Don’t see what you need here on the list?
Go to Eurosport’s custom ASA ordering portal. Using the pull-down menu in the top left corner, select your player’s team name and then select the player. Their custom ordering page will appear. In addition, you can visit the Eurosport retail site ( to search for and purchase items such as practice shorts and socks. As long as the shorts/socks are Adidas in royal blue they can be worn for practice. Be sure and check out the sale items on


100% Cotton Grey ARLINGTON T-Shirts

$10.00 each

Adult Extra Large (2)
Adult Medium (2)
Adult Small (1)

Youth Extra Large (2)

100% Polyester Grey ARLINGTON T-Shirts (NOT Adidas)

$10.00 each

Adult Large (4)

To purchase email Dave Berver indicating item (and size) desired. Payment is via check (made out to ASA), credit card or cash.