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30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit

Age Groups: 11U-12U

Tier:  9U-12U

There are expected to be 5-6 teams in each of these age groups and genders. 

These teams will play in the following Competitive Leagues:

  • U11 - U12 Red Teams:  ECNL Regional League
  • All other teams:  NCSL

Head Coach Qualifications & Experience 

  • Head Coach Qualifications & Experience can be found on our website here.

Required commitments for being on this team: 

  • All players and parents should be aware of the commitment required for this team. 
  • Accepting a travel roster offer indicates a YEAR-LONG Commitment (through June 30, 2022). Families are responsible for all club and team fees for the full year even if their player stops playing before June 30, 2022.
  • If my player is injured or leaves the team during the year the family is still obligated to continue to pay any and all club and team fee payments owed. Failure to pay club and team fees on time or in full will result in the suspension of your players eligibility to play on their Arlington Soccer travel team.

The team will participate in the following events: 


All teams in this age group can expect to play 3-4 local tournaments over the soccer year.  A spreadsheet will be provided to you coach and manager with events.  Most tournaments are played over long holiday weekends. 

Pre-Season Events:

  • 9U Introduction to Travel  Camp- June TBA  (9U ONLY)

Winter Activities: 

  • This team will practice through the winter. This may involve indoor foot skills training, indoor/outdoor team practices and futsal. Additional event or training with approval of coach and AGD (possible cost).

Arlington Soccer Program Fees:

  • Club Fees can be paid via credit card, cash or check. Initial deposit must be paid within 48 hours of an offer on a team.  Details regarding club fees can be found on the Travel Fees webpage.

Additional Fees:

  • Additionally, families will pay "Team Fees"  which vary by team.  These fees are estimated at $250-450 per player, and will typically increase for higher level and older teams.
  • Players are also responsible for standard uniform items typically totally approximately $200.
  • Deposits are due 72 hours after offer are sent to players.  Registration and payment of the deposit will signal to our coaching staff that the offer to play for Arlington Soccer has been accepted.  No other notification is required as coaches will have access to these lists.  Deposits are not refundable and payment by credit card is preferred.
  • Fees are divided into club fees and team fees and vary based on age group and team.


  • Arlington County charges an annual user fee - $16 per player ($40 per player for non-resident players). This annual user fee will be collected in the initial payment.
  • Teams fees are not included in the club fees. Team fees are unique to each team and vary by age group, team color and tournaments played. Team fees are paid to the team.
  • Tier 2 & 3 players are eligible to attend Tier 1 skills training sessions for an additional fee.
  • Club fees are payable by credit card, cash, money order or check.
  • Late Fees: A $25 non-refundable, late fee for payments received past the due date.
  • Refund Policy
  • What's Included (Club and Team Fees)

 Financial Aid:

Team Meeting Information:

  • Arlington Soccer age group will typically hold a mandatory meeting for the parents of players offered a spot on the team.  This meeting will occur shortly after teams are announced (1-3 weeks).

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