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Travel Team Coordinator


Arlington Soccer Travel Team Coordinator Information


The Team Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all other volunteers on the team.  For example, when a coach decides that the team will be participating in the tournament, the Coordinator will make sure that the Treasurer has it on the budget,  and the Tournament Coordinator completes the application.  If a coach needs a guest player, the Coordinator contacts the club operations staff to get the pass (copying the coach) and then shares with the volunteer who is checking in the team for the tournament or league game.


Please read the info below, but please never hesitate to email info@arlingtonsoccer.com with any questions.  The Arlington Soccer Operations Staff is here to help you!

Most Importantly:  Please - Delegate.  Don't try and do this all yourself.  By giving a job to each family on the team, you help build team unity and support. 


  • Medical Consent Form (without notary section) League play and most all tournaments do not require a notary signature

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