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Fundraising Coordinator

Many travel teams sponsor fundraising activities, with the proceeds going to a variety of things such as new backpacks or warm-ups, special trips or to reduce team fees for all families. 


Teams receive 50% after hard costs of any sponsorship they bring in new to the club. We offer signage during tournaments, at Long Bridge Park, via email and social, on our website and jerseys. Contact Director of Development, Gretchen Hamm for additional information. (Email Gretchen)

Benefit Nights

Many area restaurants offer benefits nights to charities. Chipotle, Chic-fil-A and Sweetfrog to name a few.

Other Fundraising Opportunities

Below you will find a PDF highlighting some additional fundraising ideas.  Take a moment and look it over and if you have other ideas, please feel free to reach out!  You can email Gretchen Hamm with questions or ideas.

Click here for more Fundraising resources

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