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Travel Team Formation Summer 2018


Team volunteers come on board at different times in June and July, so we have provided a list of steps and documents to help you organize your team.  Hopefully, this information will answer all your questions but please contact us if you cannot locate the answer you are seeking.

  • Note:  There is additional information and How-To-Guides for most volunteer roles on the Team Management page.  Please let all your volunteers know about this information.



As soon as you are named team manager, please work your way down this list to get your team up and running.

  • Please use the list of travel contacts throughout the year if questions arise.
  • Teams will not need to register with VYSA as in past years.  VYSA has moved to a new software vendor and the team registration and rostering process has changed.
  • Ask your coach for a copy of the Team Roster Report with player contact information.  All coaches have permission to pull this information from the ASA database.  (Trouble? Contact Lizzy Stell)  Be sure and share this roster report with your Team Registrar and Uniform Coordinator.
  • Work with your coach to coordinate a team formation meeting.  Need a meeting room? (Contact Bonnie Johnson)  Sample meeting agenda
  • At the team meeting, or beforehand by email, solicit all team volunteers.  Share this list of Parent Volunteer Role Descriptions with your team parents.  As soon as you have your volunteers, complete this GOOGLE FORM with their contact information.  Questions? Contact Bonnie Johnson. Once we know your team volunteers we can begin to communicate with them.


TeamSnap Logo All current travel teams have TeamSnap accounts that are paid for by the club.  Teams can secure their TeamSnap log in from last year's team manager  To change ownership of TeamSnap, you will first add the new person to the team's roster and invite them to join.  Once they have accepted, email Bonnie Johnson the name of the team, current owner, new owner.  She will then complete the change at the club level and email you back.  You may then go into your TeamSnap account and edit your roster, deleting players who no longer are on the team and adding new players.  Any new Travel teams (i.e. 9U teams) should contact Bonnie to start up their account.




As a team manager, you will need to be aware of and ensure that your team parent volunteer tasks and deadlines are completed throughout the year.  The following are the first tasks you will need to keep an eye on beginning in June.  Please be sure and check in with your team parents to make sure they are on track.

  1. UNIFORMS - Order deadline is the first week of July.  There will be fitting nights available and these dates are on the club website.  Here are the instructions to set your roster up in the Eurosport System.  All uniform information (Questions?  Contact Dave Berver)
  2. TEAM BUDGET - Check with your team Treasurer to ensure your team budget is being put together by early July.  You will need the list of your team's tournaments and events for the year from your coach in order to put together your budget. The team budget template is on the travel team treasurer page of the website.  Every team has a Team (bank) account through ASA.  PLEASE DO NOT open a team bank account.  (Questions? Contack Kay Luzius)
  3. TOURNAMENTS - Check in with your team tournament volunteer to ensure all deadlines are met for tournament applications.  Your tournament coordinator should be utilizing the same team tournament and event list your coach provided the treasurer for the budget. Complete Team Tournament Coordinator information can be found HERE.  
  4. GOTSOCCER - Only NEW 9U teams will need new accounts.  The club will create these and will send your the log in information.   All other teams should be able to get log in information from the previous team manager.  Please use last year's team manager contact list to connect with the previous manager.  Having trouble getting in touch?  Need to apply to a tournament yesterday?  (Contact Lizzy Stell)
  5. LEAGUES - Club League Representatives are volunteer Arlington Soccer travel parents. League reps will also communicate league policies and league rules and procedures to Team Managers. Club League reps will also distribute any league materials to teams along with making sure teams complete all league paperwork.


Current Club representatives are:

CCL Club Rep: Errin Matechak, cclrep@arlingtonsoccer.com

CCL2 Club Rep:  Sybil Robinson, ccl2rep@arlingtonsoccer.com

NCSL Club Rep:  Margaret Liu,  arl.ncsl.rep@gmail.com

ODSL Club Rep: Justin Hibey, ODSLrep@arlingtonsoccer.com


When your club league reps reaches out to you please be sure and answer any questions and/or complete league paperwork in a timely manner and prior to the deadline.



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