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Tony Damiani

Coaching Philosophy:

Teaching players the mental, technical and physical tools necessary to solve problems on and off the field in a creative, productive and confident manner. A good practice leaves them sweaty, tired, filled with ideas and wanting to stay on the field for just one more minute!

Coaching Experience/Accomplishments:

· 2003 - Present LMVSC Patriots Boys Rising U17

· 2005 - 2010 - LMVSC Patriots Rising U14

· 2004 - Gunston Soccer Club Lightning U9

· 1988 - University of Richmond Womens’ Club Team

· Pre-1988 - Camp counselor and trainer for several teams and players

Coaching Licenses:

· USSF National “D” License

Playing Experience/Honors/Awards:

· University of Richmond Men’s Soccer Team

· Bjorn Rasmussen - Youth Director B.93 Copenhagen

· Prince Owusu - University of Ghana and Nania F.C.

· Pete Johnson - VYSA HOF

· John Ellis - VYSA HOF

· Gordon Bradley - VYSA HOF, National Soccer HOF

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