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Marc Cascio

Coaching Philosophy:

To cultivate an environment which develops tough, dynamic, hard-nosed players in a creative and fun environment. I like teams and teammates who push each other to constantly get better yet who also always support each other on and off the field. My most rewarding teams have experienced a multitude of accomplishments through soccer while simultaneously forging lifelong friendships.

Coaching Experience:

  • Many years coaching at Mclean Youth Soccer for Green and White teams.
  • Former Camp Director and Lead Coach for Mclean Youth Soccer Camps
  • Licensed Futsal instructor with a Virginia State Futsal Championship team.
  • Coach for BRYC travel program on two separate occasions.

Top Coaching Accomplishments:

  • Multiple State Championship teams
  • Multiple High School District/ Conference Championships at Mclean High School
  • Coached a #1 Nationally ranked team on Gotsoccer
  • Multiple undefeated teams in top leagues
  • Multiple Championships in the top bracket of top tournaments such as the CASL Shootout and the FC Delco Players’ Cup
  • Developed many D1, D2, and D3 NCAA players as well as professional female players.
  • Developed may NTC and ODP Players.

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