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What is Rec Soccer?

ASA’s Recreational (Rec) Soccer Program

With more than 6,500 players participating each Fall & Spring in league play, the recreational soccer program is the cornerstone of the Arlington Soccer Association. Players register and are placed on teams within one of our neighborhood soccer clubs, based on elementary school enrollment. The recreational program provides quality soccer experiences for players, both boys and girls, from kindergarten through high school age. Anyone of any ability and level of income is welcome to participate. For information about financial aid, please contact the Registrar.  Many parents and other volunteers coach each team and provide a fun, learning soccer environment through scheduled practices and games.

Recreational Soccer Program Mission:

ASA’s Recreational Soccer Program provides a high quality neighborhood-based recreational soccer program for players of all abilities that is safe, fun, healthy & developmentally-oriented, based on these focus areas:  well-rounded player development, enjoyment of & love for the game, volunteer coach education, and a positive and inclusive sense of community and participation.  (Adopted 12/9/14)

For registration info, please go here.

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