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30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit

High School Soccer

ASA’s Recreational Program for high school aged players is for players in 9th through 12th grade, boys and girls, regardless of where they live.  Teams may consist of players of any age within this age range, or a team may be comprised of players all the same age.  The program is similar in structure and operation to the younger ages in the rec soccer program, and serves as an avenue for players to continue playing rec soccer into high school.

Unlike the Rec program, however, high school ages teams often have no neighborhood club affiliation.  Thus some teams produce unique identities at this level.  The common factor, of course, is that all players are given the chance to participate in a soccer program that emphasizes fun and sportsmanship.

Club Manager – Girls:
Chris Siple
Phone: 703-892-1243
Email: HSGirls@arlingtonsoccer.com

Club Manager – Boys:
Mauricio Coreas
Phone: 703-908-9370
Email: HSBoys@arlingtonsoccer.com

The High School Program existed from fall 2009 through June 2016 as a separate offering. It is now part of the Recreational committee.

Contact Us:


5210 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA  22205

703-527-0157 (phone)
703-527-0158 (fax)

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