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Parental message:

In order for us to continue having games and to be as safe as possible, we remind you to NOTIFY us if you or your child is sick or has been exposed. Please do this immediately, even before you have a test result! The full directions are HERE.

Please help us keep games safe. Notify us if anyone has been exposed or is ill.

Please be kind. The more patience and understanding we can extend to one another during these stressful times, the better for all involved. If we all do our bit and take necessary precautions, we can keep the season going successfully.


Coach message:

Thank you for your continued hard work this season in providing a safe and fun experience for our players. 

Parents need to NOTIFY us if they or their child is sick or has been exposed. They should do this immediately, even if they don't have a test result. The full directions are HERE.

Before game day:

On game day:

  • Check the Inclement Weather Line: 703 228 4715 to see if fields are open
  • Players should be socially distanced when not playing in the game.
  • If you are not attending games, please be sure to relay all the rules to the parent who has been designated to manage your players at the game. A link to all the game RULES is here.
  • Lastly, please remind your team parents to model good behavior.

Please start on time and end on time. If there is no referee:

  • Please start your own pre-game check-in 5 minutes before game time.
  • No earrings allowed, no jewelry
  • Players must have shin-guards to play
  • Cleats are not required, but no boots or hard street shoes (sneakers are fine)
  • Coordinate with the opposing coach on who will referee (maybe one half of the game or each cover one half of the field as in Kindergarten and 1st Grade).
  • If it is your turn to referee, please make sure a coach or parent is monitoring your substitutes.

Please help us keep games safe. Notify us if anyone has been exposed or is ill, and wear a mask whenever you can.

DO cooperate with the referees. Right or wrong, theirs are the only calls that matter. Zero tolerance for referee abuse or intimidation or back-talk means ZERO TOLERANCE. I dismiss coaches every year over this. Sorry.


Thank you for working with each other and opposing coaches to make the best of the situation for the kids. It is not always easy to remember these precautions, but it is essential, and we appreciate your working collaboratively with other coaches and being great role models for your players.



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