Prospective Referee Information


Refereeing with Arlington Soccer Association is an excellent way to get introduced to refereeing in an environment focused on development and learning. Become an expert at rules of the game, get some exercise, give back to the soccer community, develop confidence and leadership skills, and make some money! If you are interested in becoming an Arlington Soccer referee, we want to hear from you!


<<<<  How to Become a New Grassroots Referee  >>>>

Are you interested in becoming a new soccer referee?

Are you at least 13 years old?

The process for becoming a new grassroots referee has changed because of COVID restrictions.

To become a new referee, you must do the following:

1. Register with the state referee program;

2. Complete the online modules;

3. Transfer into a four-hour on-field training clinic.

Once you meet all of the above-mentioned requirements, you will receive a 2021 referee badge and be eligible to referee or assistant referee games until December 2021 (at which time you will need to either recertify or upgrade).

Let’s get started!!

To register, do the following:

1. Go to

**This is the state referee program registration tool.

2. Click on “New Member Registration.”

3. Complete the registration form.

NOTE: Once you have registered as a grassroots referee (please note your User ID and Password for future reference).

4. Register for the “Referee- Grassroots Entry – First Step – Online Lessons” clinic.

5. Pay the $80.00 fee (which covers both the online registration fee and the on-field clinic).

When registering, remember to use an e-mail address that you check regularly since all correspondence regarding the class will be sent to you via email. Also, after registering, please regularly check your SPAM mailbox to ensure that you are receiving emails from MDCVASRP.

You will be able to select any on-field training session you want. However, you must compete your online lessons before attend the on-field training.


  • Check this webpage often as new classes will continue to be added throughout the year.
  • You can register to attend any referee class listed that fits your schedule best.
  • You will be required to re-certify as a referee each new year.

This is a great opportunity to find out if you like refereeing.

If you have any questions, please contact the Area Director of Instructors for the North, Diane Florkowski, at



  • Arlington Soccer will need NEW REFEREES for the upcoming Spring 2021 Rec season - it does not matter if you are already certified or not. We are looking for kids 8th grade and above to start this season!
  • We will TRAIN new refs to enable you to referee second-grade Rec games for $16/game. The training is free and will be offered in early September. Please sign up now to be contacted when this free training is next offered. 
  • If you are already USSF8 certified, please email to get on our list of referees
  • Our training is a great way to break into refereeing NOW and start earning money and experience NOW. 
  • ALSO, if you are already an Arlington Soccer referee and then get your USSF8 OR re-certify for your USSF8, we will refund you the cost of the training!
  • You only have to do ten Arlington Soccer games with us in one season to get refunded. (Games refereed with Tarey Houston do not count, unfortunately.)

WE NEED MORE REFEREES to cover all our games.


ARL’s Referee Assignor:  With 14 years’ experience, Tarey Houston is ARL's soccer referee assignor for our club’s CCL, ODSL, REC (7th/8th and HS) and NCSL games. She will also be the assignor for our yearly soccer tournaments as well.

Want to Become a New Certified Referee?
In order to become a certified referee (to work games in No. VA and DC), you will need to become certified through the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Want to be Assigned ARL Games?
Tarey utilizes as her online referee assigning tool. This is where you will find the list of available ARL (and other) games and how you will be assigned games. You will need to join Tarey's group to have access to this information.

Once you become certified or if you are already certified, please contact Tarey (at to request to be added to Tarey's online referee group. Joining Tarey’s online referee group does not obligate you to work games. You will always be able to select the games (ex. date, time, and location) you want to work.

Closer to the start of each season, you can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season, or you can pick up games from the weekly available game lists that Tarey will post and send by email. If you need instructions on how to use the system, Tarey can provide them.

Tarey Houston can be reached as follows:

Anyone interested in becoming a referee can email Tarey Houston at for more instructions/information.

New referee classes take place prior to each season, and graduates are immediately able to start refereeing 2nd-grade games immediately!

Arlington Soccer normally only accepts and trains new referees who are in 8th grade and older. If you are an adult seeking to get involved or looking for referee training, please visit for registration and class information.