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Regional League and ECNL Referees

If you are interested in being a referee for Arlington Soccer Regional League and ECNL League games, please contact Jesse Rosenthal at globalprisms@yahoo.com

Thank you!

Prospective Referee Information

The club usually tries to host a referee certification course this fall. This is a great way to earn extra money, learn the game better, and get a workout in too. The cost for the course is $85 (which you would make back in refereeing 3-4 games), along with about $50 for referee uniform and equipment If you are 13 years of age or older, you can do the course. Anyone under 13 will have to wait for a future session once 13.
The class is in two parts:
1) COMPLETE THE ONLINE COURSE - about 4-5 hours
2) COMPLETE THE ONFIELD SESSION - 4 hours on the field session - 
Prior to the in-person course, you MUST complete the online registration module. This takes about 4-5 hours to complete. We recommend completing it as soon as possible so you can register for the Arlington on-field session.
For overview on the process, visit this link: https://www.vadcsoccerref.com/become-a-referee
From https://mdcvasrp.omgtsys.com/MemberHome.aspx , select New member registration. Complete all personal details and navigate through it.
**NOTE: No one can register for the on-field session UNTIL they finish the online modules at the Learning Center.

Refereeing with Arlington Soccer Association is an excellent way to get introduced to refereeing in an environment focused on development and learning. Become an expert at rules of the game, get some exercise, give back to the soccer community, develop confidence and leadership skills, and make some money! If you are interested in becoming an Arlington Soccer referee, we want to hear from you!

Are you an adult with a USSF8/Grassroots license? Please contact Tarey Houston, our referee assignor for 7th grade and higher games. Tarey can be reached at tareyassignor@aol.com  or Jesse Rosenthal, our referee assignor for Regional League and ECNL (globalprisms@yahoo.com)

Are you a youth/teen referee with a USSF8/Grassroots license? Please write to Arlington Soccer Referees at whistle@arlingtonsoccer.com and ask how you can be added to our roster of youth referees to CR 2nd-6th grade games. You should also contact Tarey Houston if you would like to ref games for older players.

Are you a youth/teen in 8th grade or higher WITHOUT a USSF8/Grassroots license?

You have two options.

OPTION ONE: (free) Before each season we train a limited number of youth referees to ref 2nd grade games. These games pay $16 each. Please sign up now to be contacted when this free training is next offered. 

OPTION TWO: ($85) At any time you can register to take the USSF8/Grassroots course -- the instructions are below. Once you are a USSF8/Grassroots-certified referee, if you do ten Arlington Soccer games directly with us in one season, we will refund you the cost of the training! (Games refereed with Tarey Houston or Jesse Rosenthall do not count, unfortunately.)



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