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The information on this page is applicable to Arlington Soccer's in-house referees working games 2nd-6th grade only. Referee assignors Tarey Houston and Jesse Rosenthall have their own payment rates and policies.

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Please review the current rules at the start of each season, print a copy of the appropriate Age-Group Rules and have them with you at the games. Please also keep rec rules chart in your bag for easy referral.

Runaway Scores: Please note that the Runaway Score Rule is in effect. If a team has a four goal lead, the opposing team may add 1 player. A five goal lead mean the opposing team gets to adds a second player, but no more. If the lead goes below these treshholds, the coach should be instructed to remove the additional player(s).

Grassroots/Grade 8 Licensing
Interested in taking your Grassroots/USSF Grade 8? If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a certified soccer referee, please view the current listings of referee clinics by going to:  www.vadcsoccerref.com, and click Clinic Listing in the upper left column.  Look for the new Grassroots/Grade 8 online combo clinics.  You will need to register as a New User, then sign up for the referee clinic.


Level Base Pay If Grassroots/USSF8, add per game:
2nd Grade $16 $4
3rd/4th Grade $30 $4
5th/6th Grade $35 $4
ADP $35 $4





For each 10 games reffed in a season, a $20 bonus will be issued. If you ref 20 games in a season, the bonus is $50!
ALSO, if you ref 10 games in a season, Arlington Soccer will reimburse you the cost of your Grassroots license or renewal.

(Again -- this offer is for Arlington Soccer's in-house referees working games 2nd-6th grades only; this offer does not apply to games done for Tarey Houston or Jesse Rosenthall.)

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