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30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit


At the end of each season we survey the students to assess the effectiveness of this program:

•    93% like the Real Madrid after-school program “a lot” and want to participate in the program again
•    90% say they make new friends through the program
•    82% say the program helps them want to come to school “a lot”
•    83% say the program helps them want to do well in school “a lot”
•    75% say they learn about being healthy, that “my coach shows interest in me and my life,” and “my coach helps me respect other people more”

Arlington Soccer Association also asked teachers and administrators from the participating schools to comment on any changes in student behavior or academics witnessed since the inception of the Real Madrid program. 

A teacher at Carlin Springs Elementary School wrote,

Soccer has been a huge motivator in my class.  The [students] know that they have to have good behavior and turn in all of their homework and assignments to be eligible for soccer.  Soccer reinforces that they are responsible for their materials, behavior, and schedule.  Soccer gives students that extra motivation to really work for a goal that they are passionate about and it is instant reinforcement when they get to go each week and be rewarded by their participation.

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