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Team Management

Development Academy teams are responsible for the organization and management of their players and teams.   Think of your team as a business that has established goals and philosophies, a budget and parents/players who work to handle the operational and organizational needs of the team.  There are a variety of duties, varying in the amount of time commitment. 

Parents should recognize the effort required to run a Development Academy Team.  The tasks explained below can be performed by the manager or delegated to other parents HOWEVER the club strongly urges team managers to delegate duties.  Every parent/family on a team should be tasked with a duty.  The duties listed below can be shared by more than one parent:

Team Manager:  The team manager is the main contact for all relevant team information.  Their role is to provide timely, comprehensive communication from the Club Staff, Technical Coaching Staff and DA.  This communication includes “where to go”, “when to be there” and “what to bring” for all matches, practices and any other events.  Additionally, the team manager maintains the team’s paperwork and oversees the other parent team coordinators.  This person will collect each player's headshot, birth certificate or passport, the DA waiver, and Insurance Card and will upload these documents to a google form that Frank De Marco, Assistant Director of Travel Soccer and Bonnie Johnson, DA Administrator, will have access to.  This file on each player will be used by Bonnie Johnson to upload all documentation into the Development Academy registration system.

Treasurer:  The treasurer works with the team manager and coach on a budget based on the yearly plan set by the Development Academy.  This person shares and explains the team budget to team families as well as collects payments to cover team expenses and deposits them into the team account.  The treasurer reviews and distributes expense reimbursement for any payments made for covered expenses.  Finally, the treasurer keeps track of how much is in their team account and reconciles with Arlington Soccer Association.

Travel Coordinator:  This role coordinates transportation, arranges hotel accommodations through Anthony Travel, and plans group meals and other activities that the coach would like at the showcases.  Currently -  the 13 and 14 Boys age groups participate in a mandatory showcase event at the end of October in North Carolina (subject to change).   The Boys 15’s, Girls 14 and 15’s will participate in the summer showcase held in late June.  The Girls 14 and 15 age groups will participate in a mandatory Spring showcase event in the April time frame as well. All events are subject to change.

Uniform Coordinator:   A Team Parent oversees the team uniform ordering process.  The coaching staff will assign jersey numbers to each of the players. The Uniform Coordinator will set up the team roster for the online uniform ordering system.  They will confirm that all team players have ordered required uniform items, order extra team uniform kits.  The Uniform Coordinator needs to be in town the last two weeks of June and first week of July while uniform orders are being placed.  New Kit arrives for 2019-2020 season.

Field/Equipment/Game Day Coordinator:  Arlington Soccer Association will provide a field day coordinator for all Home matches.

Camera Operator:   Arlington Soccer Association will provide a camera operator to film the matches.

Photographer Social Media Coordinator:  This parent volunteer writes and submits short articles about team socials, tournament information for the Arlington Soccer Association website, social media pages or local media.  This parent should be aware of the club’s Personal Information Online Policy.

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