ADP Tryouts

ADP Spring Tryouts have concluded.  They were held Monday, May 11.   

Selections are posted below.   All participants were emailed on Friday, May 15 when the results were posted.  

Families of selected players will be notified as to how to accept the selection.


ADP Spring 2019 Tryout Results - 07 Boys/Girls | 08 Boys/Girls | 09 Boys/Girls | 2010 Girls (PDF)

ADP Spring 2019 Tryout Results - 2010 Boys (PDF)


How are players evaluated and selected for ADP teams?

Players are evaluated using several criteria during tryouts each year. The three most important areas of evaluation are technical ability, speed, and character.

1) Technical

●       Can a player handle the ball technically under pressure and in tight spaces?

2) Speed

●       Pure Speed – Is the player fast from point A to B?

●       Technical Speed – Can the player handle the ball under pressure?

●       Tactical Speed – Can the player make fast decisions with and without the ball?

3) Character

●       Does the player like to compete?

●       Is he/she a positive influence on the group?

●       Does the player possess a high work rate?

●       Does the player bring passion and energy to the game?

Players are evaluated in these and other areas.  If selected, players will be placed on teams based in part on where they live, where their school is located, and/or where their developmental needs are best met. Players that are not selected for the ADP will be provided with information on Recreational Soccer and other programs in Arlington Soccer Association.



For additional information about ADP soccer and tryouts, visit our ADP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page. You may also email Dave Berver for assistance.