ADP Tryouts: Know Before You Go

PLEASE READ!  NEW THIS SEASON:  Registrants will be assigned a tryout number AT THE FIELD.  Registrants should wear a light-colored shirt but don't need to write a number on it because they will be given a  number with pins to attach it to their shorts.

Tryout Sessions: We encourage you to have your child attend as many of the tryout sessions as possible. The coaches understand that the players may have conflicts and may not be able to attend all sessions, but attending as many sessions as possible will allow the coaches to have multiple opportunities to fully evaluate each tryout participant’s potential fit for the teams.

Arrival: Please arrive at the field at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the tryout session.  At each session, players must check in with a tryout volunteer at the Tryout Coordinator Station. This will allow us to properly notify the coaching staff of the attending tryout participants. When you arrive, you will check-in and be issued a number and safety pins.  Please put the number on the front of your shorts. Please bring this number to all subsequent tryout sessions.

Parents / Spectators During Tryout Sessions:  A parent or a guardian is required to stay at the field once the player has checked in.  We will have designated areas for parents where you are welcome to watch tryouts. Please do not stay on the field surfaces.  Parents and guardians are asked not to interact with their child or the coaching staff, or interfere with the flow of the tryout session.

It's raining / the forecast calls for storms.  Will we have tryouts?

All tryouts are currently scheduled on turf, so they will be held - even in the rain.  However, the safety of the players is paramount so if conditions become unsafe due to thunderstorms or field conditions, a session may be canceled or shortened.  If the staff is able to determine that a session should be canceled with sufficient notice to notify all families, an email will be sent to all registered players no later than 1.5 hours prior to the start of the session.  Frequently, a determination cannot be made until closer to the start of the session (or during the session).  In this case, the staff will notify players and parents at the field.  As mentioned, parents should remain at the field complex throughout the tryout session in case of any such schedule changes.  Furthermore, there may be situations where a session is suspended due to lightning/thunder, and players are asked to wait in their cars until the weather passes.  The program appreciates your patience and understanding.

Financial Aid:
  If you are in need of financial aid, information can be found on our website (see link above).


What to wear:  Coaches ask that players wear any white t-shirt (no Arlington Soccer logos, please), athletic shorts, shinguards, and cleats.

What to bring:  properly inflated size 4 ball marked with your name and a water bottle.

Notification:  All results will be sent by email to the email address used during registration.  We will notify all registered players of the results.  

Questions:  Please feel free to send any questions to



How are players evaluated and selected for ADP teams?

Players are evaluated using several criteria during tryouts each year. The three most important areas of evaluation are technical ability, speed, and character.

1) Technical

●       Can a player handle the ball technically under pressure and in tight spaces?

2) Speed

●       Pure Speed – Is the player fast from point A to B?

●       Technical Speed – Can the player handle the ball under pressure?

●       Tactical Speed – Can the player make fast decisions with and without the ball?

3) Character

●       Does the player like to compete?

●       Is he/she a positive influence on the group?

●       Does the player possess a high work rate?

●       Does the player bring passion and energy to the game?

Players are evaluated in these and other areas.  If selected, players will be placed on teams based in part on where they live, where their school is located, and/or where their developmental needs are best met. Players that are not selected for the ADP will be provided with information on Recreational Soccer and other programs in Arlington Soccer Association.



For additional information about ADP soccer and tryouts, visit our ADP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page. You may also email

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