Drop-In Soccer


Throughout the year, primarily in the summer and winter months, ASA offers a variety of supervised drop-in soccer (also known as pick-up or street soccer) activities. Many of these occur in the off-season or on days that school is not in session but many parents still have to work. Each location is staffed with ASA coaches and/or parent volunteers who help organize and supervise play.

All children are welcome – ASA or not; Recreational or Travel or Developmental. You can even bring friends friend the neighborhood who are not registered with ASA!

Many kids who cannot play in the normal recreational or travel programs enjoy getting out for our drop-in soccer programs. These sessions provide a structured playing environment and a chance for kids to be part of a team and get physical activity on days they normally would not be able to have the chance.

Winter 2017-2018 Drop-In Soccer info:
NOTE: Drop-in soccer scheduled Monday 1/15 has been cancelled due to the extremely cold temperatures. See links below for additional dates in January and February.
Grades Kinder-8th Details
High School



1)  The game is the teacher.

Players will learn to play all on their own. By design, no formal coaching will be offered.  Let the children develop the skills of learning within the game.

2)  The game is for kids.

This program is offered to let children play and they don’t need adults to do that. Adult involvement will be minimal and will focus on safety.  Let the children develop the skills of making their own decisions.

3)  The structure is informal.

Beyond setting up some goals, laying out some cones, and helping to make teams; no formal organization or coaching will be done. Let the children develop the skills of organizing their own fun.

Drop-In Soccer Details:

  • Players should warm-up on their own.  Late comers will be added to games or formed on new teams.
  • All efforts will be made to have friends play together, however the objective is to play and not have too many on a team.
  • No planned periods of play are defined. If the players decide that a water break is necessary, it should be taken.  The break times should be kept short (1-2 minutes, at most). Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!
  • There are no strict requirements on attire. Shinguards are strongly recommended, cleats are optional, and appropriate clothing for the weather is strongly suggested.
  • There is no set end time.  Players can leave as needed.  Teams will adjust.


> Players decide if there will be throw-ins, or kick-ins, from the sideline.

> Players decide if there will be corner kicks – or no corner kicks.

> Players decide if it is a goal/no goal; in/out; foul/no foul, etc.

You get the idea – these games are for the kids.  Let them organize and be responsible for their own fun.

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