ASA Youth Referee Resources

For new ASA referee class information, please click here.

Referee Assignment– Please email questions and 2nd / 3rd / 4th grade game requests to  Remember you should have an active USSF8 badge to request 4th grade Div 1 games or at least 30 games worth of experience.

Important Contact Info


ALL ASA REFEREES — You must review the current rules at the start of each season, print a copy of the appropriate Age-Group Rules and have them with you at the games. Please also keep rec rules chart in your bag for easy referral.

Please NOTE the “Runaway Score Rule” is now a 4-goal lead adds 1 player, 5-goal leads adds a second player, but no more. If the lead goes down, take off a player.

Referee Forms

Compare ASA and USSF Classes

See Harvey Snyder’s Comparison of ASA and USSF Referee Classes.

Interested in taking your USSF Grade 8? If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a certified soccer referee, please view the current listings of referee clinics by going to:, and click Clinic Listing in the upper left column.  Look for the new Grade 8 online combo clinics.  You will need to register as a New User, then sign up for the referee clinic.

Education Resources – How to deal with poor behavior

It’s important for officials of all levels to know how to effectively deal with coaches and other team officials who behave poorly during a game. Watch the video segment, Ask, Tell, Dismiss, to learn more about U.S. Soccer’s recommended approach for taking action towards team officials who fail to conduct themselves in a responsible manner. There are many other useful and instructive videos HERE.

In addition, an overview video for each law has been posted in the Laws of the Game section of This content is provided courtesy of FIFA and is intended to help viewers develop a better understanding of the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game.

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