Clarification of Age Group Policies

In light of information shared publicly yesterday, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify some facts surrounding our age limit policies.

Arlington Soccer (ARL) is a youth sports organization committed to providing soccer opportunities for more than 9,000 players who participate in our various youth soccer programs. We support players of all abilities, backgrounds and financial means to encourage personal growth, promote a love for the game, and advance soccer in Arlington and surrounding communities.  ARL is required to comply with all rules and policies of US Youth Soccer (USYS) and the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA).

The age limit policy is a rule of USYS and VYSA. The age limit is based on birth-year registration and prohibits anyone defined as a U-20, or older, from participating in youth soccer.  A person registering for the 2019-20 season, who was born in 2000, is deemed to be in the U-20 age group and therefore, is not eligible to play youth soccer in the United States. Here is a link to the Soccer Age Group Chart as promulgated by USYS and VYSA.

In the past, believing that we had the authority to make exceptions as appropriate, we granted some limited exceptions to the age limit for the rec program. ARL learned from VYSA in August that such exceptions are not permissible and began to uniformly apply the age limit for the Fall season as required by USYS and VYSA. 

Nevertheless, given the special circumstances surrounding the player, ARL revisited the rule with VYSA and sought an exception. The request was denied, and the coaches and player were informed of VYSA's decision. ARL never changed its position on eligibility for this player or any others since clarity of the rule was provided by VYSA this summer. 

For additional information on the age policy, please click here.

We appreciate the passion and dedication that all of our players, parents, coaches and volunteers bring to youth sports and it remains our mission to provide a high-quality and safe environment for Arlington's youth soccer players.


Allie Signorelli, President, Board of Directors
Adam Brick, Executive Director

posted 10/4/19