Arlington Player to Receive “2019 VA/DC Teammate of the Year” Award at the VYSA Gala

 Leslie Hickman  

The Virginia & District of Columbia Youth Soccer Association each year awards a “Teammate of the Year” award. This award seeks to honor individuals who have made extraordinary accomplishments. These individuals demonstrate leadership qualities, immense team/club spirit and a willingness to learn and grow both on and off the field. In addition, this award honors the players who consistently show a positive attitude and utilize their enthusiasm to make contributions and demonstrate a commitment to the community and association. 

One of Arlington Soccer’s very own was nominated and awarded this tremendous honor. Leslie Hickman has been playing soccer since he was 8 years old and has utilized his passion for the game to build tremendous relationships with his teammates and the surrounding community. As a player, Leslie spends several hours each day training in a variety of fields challenging himself to improve and supporting the growth of others. As a teammate, Leslie’s ability to form relationships and connect with those around him has demonstrated his commitment to the team paired with his enthusiasm to lead. As an individual, Leslie has not only used his involvement with soccer to connect with the surrounding community through TOPSoccer buddies (an organization for kids with disabilities) but also utilizes his skills in teamwork and attitude within Boy Scouts of America where he is currently a life scout working towards the Eagle Scout rank. His accomplishments on and off the field stand on their own, but the people that know him well understand the depth of who he is and is aspiring to be. His Cosmos Coach, Rick Sasaki, wrote of how his work-ethic isn’t what makes him unique its’ his ability to “listen, learn, implement and ultimately appreciate the lesson to the point he encourages and leads his teammates”. 

On Saturday, February 1st, Leslie will be honored with the “2019 VA/DC Teammate of the Year” award at the VYSA Gala. Leslie is the epitome of what Arlington Soccer Association is all about and we are so proud of him. For all those that know him, his impact is clear. For those who do not, he is both an inspiration and an example that we hope our players strive to be. His skills on the field are for more than just soccer, they are a strong foundation to who he is becoming as he continues to grow and learn on and off the field. Thank you, Leslie, for all that you do, congratulations and we wish you all the best. You have made Arlington Soccer very proud! 



(posted 1/29/20)

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