ASA Lost and Found

ASA Lost and Found

To report lost or found items at soccer fields in Arlington:

  • Contact the ASA by email at, or by telephone at 703-527-0157
  • Describe item, date, time, field name, game, teams, and any other information
  • Provide your name, phone and/or email address.  Tell us if you don’t want your name and contact information listed in the website listing.


  • If you lose an item at Long Bridge Park, please check with the park staff.  They maintain an onsite Lost & Found, and if you ask nicely, they will be happy to look for any items you’ve left behind.
  • ITEMS that are Lost or Found but no location or date is known are listed first, so if you are searching for an item lost on a particular date, please be sure to scan the full list.

FOUND: Travel jacket #7 at Discovery/Williamsburg. Please contact Sandra Amores at Discovery Elementary School at 703-228-2689.

FOUND: IPhone found at Yorktown on Thursday, February 9. Please contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157 for more information.

FOUND: Blue Travel jacket #31 size Adult SM. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Blue Travel jacket #9 size YM. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: There are MANY water bottles that have been found and brought to the office. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Various items left at Tuckahoe – several ballsblue cinch-style backpack with blue sneakersmultiple hoodies, small portable blue chair, water bottles. Click here for photo of all items. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

LOST:  Black prescription sports glasses/goggles. If found, please contact Mario Ramirez at

FOUND: Red wool hat with FCB logo. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Hoodies – Black Star Wars size YXS and Black Polo size YM. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Orange Osh Kosh sweat pants size 8. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: White Under Armour mock t-neck cold gear shirt size YLG. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Blue Travel jersey #42 size YM. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Blue Travel jersey #42 size AM. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Blue DA jersey #31 size YL. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Blue KPMG cinch-style backpack, with two #31 travel jerseys size YM (one white and one blue) and shin guards. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

LOST:  Navy blue hoodie and iPhone 6S at Swanson and/or Stuart Park. If found, please contact Julia McMullin at 703-389-7798.

FOUND: Blue Travel backpack #46. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Blue ADP jersey #31 size YM. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

FOUND: Gray and black water bottle with Federal Executive Institute logo. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

Sunday March 11 
LOST: Gray Vienna Vikings sweatshirt, size M. If found, please email or call 571-422-3606.

LOST: Black sweatshirt/hoodie with the Herndon Youth Soccer logo, size youth large and “Cara Pham” on inside label. If found, please email Janice Pham at

Sunday February 25 at Williamsburg 
LOST: Blue Travel warm up jacket #25 YS and black warm up pants #25 size YXS on Sunday, February 25, at Williamsburg around 12:30-4pm.  If found, please contact MaryAnne Elma Szymkowicz at 703-298-0916.

Thursday, February 15 at Greenbrier 
FOUND: Blue Travel jersey #48 size YS. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

Monday, January 22 at Greenbrier 
LOST: Blue Travel Jacket #58, size WM.  If found, please contact Amy  at 904-673-6842 or

Thursday, January 11 at Greenbrier 
LOST: Blue Travel Jacket #80, size YM.  If found, please contact Giselle at 202-412-5031 or

Tuesday, November 28 at Gunston
LOST: Blue travel warm up jacket #36, size AM. If found, please contact Mariela Morales at or 703-945-8360.

Sunday, November 19 at Williamsburg
LOST: Blackberry Prix cell phone at ART tournament. If found, please contact Karen Monaco at 703-538-6648 or

Saturday and Sunday, November 18-19 at Williamsburg
FOUND: A lot of items were left behind at Williamsburg after the ART tournament, including jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles, balls, hats, shoes, an umbrella, book, and more. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

Tuesday, November 14 at Gunston
LOST: Black travel warm up pants #52, size YS or YM, lost during girls U9 practice. If found, please contact Ashley Leonard at

Sunday, November 5 at VA Highlands
LOST: Travel jacket #74, size YM. If found, please contact Danielle Gerber at

Sunday, November 5 at Yorktown
FOUND: Black Nike running jacket, size M. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

Sunday, November 5 at President’s Cup in Fredericksburg, VA
LOST: Travel jacket #26, size YL. If found, please contact Maria a Morales at 202-213-7727 or

Saturday, November 4 at Kenmore
LOST: Adidas goalkeeper gloves, mainly light blue, white and black, size 7. If found, please contact Celi Little at

Wednesday, November 1 at Long Bridge
LOST: Size 4 soccer ball with the EPL (English Premier League) 2016-2017 logo on it. Lost at practice at Long Bridge park from  5 to 6:30 pm on Wednesday 11/1 and may have gotten mixed up with another player’s similar size 5 ball, which was left behind. If found, please contact Rachid at

Sunday, October 29 Bluemont Field 1
FOUND: Key found under bleacher seats – orange miniature Holland clog key chain (click here for photo). Please contact Cici Schultz at

Sunday, October 29 at Barcroft
LOST: McLean Travel Soccer Bag, # 51 that contained a full green “away game” kit, #51; soccer ball, with “Katherine Snyder” written on it; fluorescent green goalie gloves in black container bag; and clicker for toe touches. If found, please contact Melissa Riemer at

Wednesday, October 25 at Kenmore
LOST: Boy’s black full-zip fleece jacket with labels for “Jesse Read.”  If found, please contact Melissa Jurgens at

Saturday, October 21 at Eads Park
LOST: Orange bag with soccer ball, water bottle and other items inside belonging to Remy Lotts. If found, please contact Contact Jacqueline Lotts at

Monday, October 16 at Long Bridge 
LOST: Blue soccer ball, U9 boys travel with name Julian (or Jack) Chynoweth. If found, please contact John Chynoweth at

Saturday, October 14 at Powhatan Springs Park
LOST: Child’s black backpack with clothes inside at Powhatan Springs Park near field sideline (west side), on Saturday, Oct. 14 after 9:45 game. Last name on the backpack is Gonzales. If found please contact Coach Harold Burch at or 703-254-6278.

FOUND: Purple, hooded LL Bean zip-up jacket, size YS. Please stop by or contact the ASA office at 703-527-0157.

Sunday, October 15 at Williamsburg
LOST: White size 4 Adidas ball with blue stars on it. If found please contact Miguel Mezza at

Saturday, October 14 at Virginia Highlands
LOST: Gray, Adult Large 1/2 zip men’s shirt after 1:30 game. If found please contact Michael Isman at

Wednesday, October 11 at Long Bridge Park
Some time between 6:30-8:00 pm, an Adult Small, #14, Blue ASA Warm up – 2017 edition. If found, please contact or text 202-631-9911.

Wednesday, October 4 at Gunston
Cinch-style backpack, mostly black with some hot pink trim and straps.  Contained a school uniform and school shoes and may have a sticker on the front of the bag with the name Kaitlyn Connor. If found, please contact Ann Connor at 703-928-3186 or

Sunday, September 30 at Stewart Field
Black Pebble watch found the weekend of Sept 30. Please contact Jay Boller at

Sunday September 28 at Bluemont Field
LOST: Girls size 13/1 New Balance sneakers – purple, blue, orange colors. Left after Civitans 6pm soccer practice. If found please contact

Monday, September 25 at Bluemont Park
Blue cinch-style backpack with “Arlington” on the front with tennis shoes with pink laces and pink water bottle. Please contact Judy Anderson at

Sunday September 16 at Long Bridge Park
LOST: ASA Blue Adidas Travel backpack #33 (Diego Vera written inside) after 5:30 practice. If found please call Eddie at 571-641-4121.

FOUND: ASA travel jacket #12 size Youth Small. Please contact the ASA Office at 703-527-0157.

Saturday, September 16 at Stewart Park
LOST: Pair of blue tennis shoes (with yellow/green highlights) on the fields at Stewart Park at around 3:45. If found, please contact Josh and Andrea at 703-927-1374 or 703-927-7703.

Friday, September 15 at Long Bridge
LOST: Goalie gloves – blue Adidas gloves, size 10. If found, please contact Chris Gerlach at

Sunday, September 10 at Williamsburg 

LOST: Anna and Elsa blue Frozen blanket. If found, please contact judy.p.anderson@gmail .com or 334-717-0970

LOST: One McLean black training jacket size YS with the #5 on it.  Also lost toddler 3T Adidas green and black track jacket.  If found, please contact

Friday, September 8 at ATS field
Garmin Watch (click here for photo). If found, please contact Priscilla Sandoli at 703-989-3154

Friday, September 1 at Gunston
Blue warm up jacket, #63, size youth medium, at Gunston Middle School on Friday, September 1st.  The item was mistakenly picked up in the changeover from the 2008 Girls practice to the 2009 Girls practice.  If found, please contact Brian Stout at

FOUND: ASA travel jacket #27 size Youth Large. Please contact the ASA Office at 703-527-0157.

LOST: ASA travel jacket #52 size Small. If found, please contact Megan Scheffel at

Sunday, June 25 at 3 v 3 tournament, Long Bridge Park
LOST: Black tubular Oakley eyeglass case with prescription glasses inside. If found, please call or text Matthew Freedus at 202-577-7512.

Thursday, June 22nd at Williamsburg field
LOST: Orange/Yellow/Black ball with name Emmy Hart on it. Please contact if found:

Saturday, June 10. Virginia highlands
LOST- Large, Orange S’well water bottle. We were there for the 1:00 game. Bottle was left by the bleachers. Contact Kristin at or 703-351-9730

Sunday, June 4th, Thomas Jefferson Middle School Upper field
LOST – Adidas string bag – black with orange-red Adidas stripes with LG phone inside zip pocket.Lost after Sunday June 4th game – Boys 7th grade United vs Crossfire. Game ended at 3:45Thomas Jefferson Middle School Upper field.  If found — Please contact Cara at

Friday, June 2nd, Discovery / Williamsburg field
Two school backpacks, one red with a shark image and the other black. Both contained folders and some papers, while the black backpack had a school iPad too. The backpacks were left behind sometime between 5 and 6 when some Arlington soccer teams came to the field for practices. If found, please call 202-492-4445.

Saturday, May 27, Annandale High School
LOST – Travel uniform jacket # 7, size Youth Medium (I think), has a label on the inside of the collar with name Renzo Chang.  Left behind during the Virginian tournament, on Saturday, May 27, between 7:00-9:30 AM, at Annandale High School.  If found, please contact Laura at 202-546-2640.

April -May , Various soccer fields
FOUND: ASA travel jacket Youth-Small: #17, 19, 21,  27, 29, 43, 44, 55   travel jacket Youth-Med #20, 12, 62, Youth-Large #24., Adult Small #21. Culpeper Adidas black jacket w/gloves inside the pocket. Youth small (7-8) NorthFace pink jacket. Burgundy VANS sweatshirt Adult small. Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

May 4th, Long Bridge Park field
LOST:  Travel warm up jacket #67 probably size Youth Large.  Left at Long Bridge on May 4th (we think).  If found please call or text 703-801-5376 or email .

May 5-6th, Gunston field
LOST: ASA travel warm up jacket #23. Lost during 2008B team practice from 5-6 at Gunston on Friday, May 5th. If found, please contact Jill Naamane,

May 14th, Long Bridge Park field
LOST: Two ASA Travel Jackets #31. Both have first and last names on inside label (Niclas and Sergio Vavra). One lost during Long Bridge park game yesterday May 14, 2004B Red. One belongs to 2002B Red. Unknown lost time. Please contact Gina Vavra @ 619-929-9996 or

Tuesday, May 8-9th, Long Bridge Park field
LOST: Girl’s size large travel blue jacket (No. 49). Lost at Long Bridge Park either during May 8 Skills Clinic or May 9 ’06 girl’s practice. If found, please contact Kristin Litterst at 703-209-2816 or

Sunday, April 30th at Williamsburg Middle School
LOST: During U9 travel tryouts – Black/grey Maclaren stroller. If found, please call 202-903-4151.

Monday, March 24th, Long Bridge Park field
LOST: #78 blue ASA warm up jacket.  Long Bridge during skills clinic on April 24th.  Please email if found.

Saturday and Sunday, March 4th- 5th, ASIST Tournaments fields
FOUND: DC United uniform jacket adult Small, Herndon, VA (2015) youth/large gray jacket size, McLean Lacrosse gray/black jacket Adult-2XL, Pink/Blue LLBeam Y-Med jacket.  Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Monday, March 3rd, Gunston field
FOUND: Monday 4/3/2017 – 2007 Girls Development Pool Practice @ Gunston Purple North Face Rain Slicker – name ‘Volpe’ in marker on the tag. Please contact: Amy Tsuchitani 202/316-3292 or

Sunday, March 5th, Williamsburg Middle School field
LOST: Men’s Maui Jim Sunglasses,Where: Williamsburg field (side closest to school), When: During ASIST Tournament on Sunday, March 5 between 10:30-11:30 am: If found, please contact Joanne at

Saturday, March 4th and 5th,  Greenbrier field
FOUND: Youth XL- Great Falls blue and white jersey, Youth XL- Champions United soccer green warm up jacket,  Blue Nike- adult/small sweatshirt, Youth/Large black North Face jacket, Adult small black Cardinals sweatshirt. Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Thursday, February 2nd, at Yorktown/Greenbrier
LOST: Green Ball size 5The ball my son lost is a size 5 green ball with James McIntyre written on it.  It was left at Greenbriar (Yorktown) on Thursday the 2nd at 6:30pm.  If found, please contact: