Lost and Found

ASA Lost and Found

To report lost or found items at soccer fields in Arlington:

    • Contact the ASA by email at marisol@arlingtonsoccer.com, or by telephone at 703-527-0157
    • Describe item, date, time, field name, game, teams, and any other information
    • Provide your name, phone and/or email address.  Tell us if you don’t want your name and contact information listed in the website listing.

NOTE: If you lose an item at Long Bridge Park, please check with the park staff.  They maintain an onsite Lost & Found, and if you ask nicely, they will be happy to look for any items you’ve left behind.

April -May , Varies soccer fields

FOUND: ASA travel jacket Youth-Small: #17, 19, 21,  27, 29, 43, 44, 55   travel jacket Youth-Med #20, 12, 62, Youth-Large #24. Culpeper Adidas black jacket w/gloves inside the pocket. Youth small (7-8) NorthFace pink jacket. Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

May 4th, Long Bridge Park field

LOST:  Travel warm up jacket #67 probably size Youth Large.  Left at Long Bridge on May 4th (we think).  If found please call or text 703-801-5376 or email jane@ned.org .

May 5-6th, Gunston field
LOST: ASA travel warm up jacket #23. Lost during 2008B team practice from 5-6 at Gunston on Friday, May 5th. If found, please contact Jill Naamane, jillkadoll@gmail.com.

April 28th to May 8th?, Long Bridge Park field

LOST:  Tie dye hoodie sweatshirt (size YXL I think) from CASL Tournament in Fall 2016.  Has large #4 on the front pocket.  Sometime in the last 2 weeks (April 28 to May 8?) and not sure what field, but could have been Long Bridge, Fields Park or TJ. If found, please contact 703-507-8932 or vakenealys@gmail.com

May 14th, Long Bridge Park field

LOST: Two ASA Travel Jackets #31. Both have first and last names on inside label (Niclas and Sergio Vavra). One lost during Long Bridge park game yesterday May 14, 2004B Red. One belongs to 2002B Red. Unknown lost time. Please contact Gina Vavra @ 619-929-9996 or gcultrona25@gmail.com.

Tuesday, May 8-9th, Long Bridge Park field

LOST: Girl’s size large travel blue jacket (No. 49). Lost at Long Bridge Park either during May 8 Skills Clinic or May 9 ’06 girl’s practice. If found, please contact Kristin Litterst at 703-209-2816 or nklitterst@gmail.com.

Monday, May 1st, Long Bridge Park field

LOST: One Arlington Soccer blue travel jacket number # 31. Lost during longebridge park skills practice on May 1, 2017. Please contact Shruti Shah at tikurishah@gmail.com if found.

Saturday, April 29th, Long Bridge Park field

LOST: Fitbit Alta (just the fitbit, no band attached). Long Bridge field 4A, Saturday 4/29/17 during a 12:15 game. Please contact Dawn Corbett at (571)212-4910 or dawn.corbett@gmail.com

Monday, March 24th, Long Bridge Park field

LOST: #78 blue ASA warm up jacket.  Long Bridge during skills clinic on April 24th.  Please email amy_larrymeehan@yahoo.com if found.

Saturday and Sunday, March 4th- 5th, ASIST Tournaments fields

FOUND: DC United uniform jacket adult Small, Herndon, VA (2015) youth/large gray jacket size, McLean Lacrosse gray/black jacket Adult-2XL, Pink/Blue LLBeam Y-Med jacket.  Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Monday, March 3rd, Gunston field

FOUND: Monday 4/3/2017 – 2007 Girls Development Pool Practice @ Gunston Purple North Face Rain Slicker – name ‘Volpe’ in marker on the tag. Please contact: Amy Tsuchitani 202/316-3292 or amytsuch@gmail.com

Monday, March 6th, Williamsburg Middle School field

LOST: Coat (Brand: Spider, color white, with green trimming, and it also has a hood). Lost it on Monday March 6 after her 5-6:30 practice on the Williamsburg field #2B.  Player plays on the 08 Silver team. If found, please contact: Veronica Del Bagno vdelbagno@gmail.com

Sunday, March 5th, Williamsburg Middle School field

LOST: Men’s Maui Jim Sunglasses,Where: Williamsburg field (side closest to school), When: During ASIST Tournament on Sunday, March 5 between 10:30-11:30 am: If found, please contact Joanne at jwc_128@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 4th and 5th,  Greenbrier field

FOUND: Youth XL- Great Falls blue and white jersey, Youth XL- Champions United soccer green warm up jacket,  Blue Nike- adult/small sweatshirt, Youth/Large black North Face jacket, Adult small black Cardinals sweatshirt. Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Saturday, March 4th, Long Bridge Park field

LOST: My son lost his coat (Gerry poofy coat, color Dark Gray, with an orange lining.  Also has a hood).  He lost it on Saturday Mar 4 after his game on field 4B.  He plays on Loudoun 06B Gray.  If found, Please contact: Michael Dimatulac @ dimatuma@gmail.com

Friday, February 24th, Gunston Middle School field

LOST: My daughter left her blue water jug (one of the bigger ones that hangs from a fence) at Gunston on Friday. Please contact; Amy Meehan @ amy_larrymeehan@yahoo.com

Sunday, February 12th, Williamsburg Middle School field

LOST:Aqua Bean fleece jacket (size 14-16) at Williamsburg Middle School Sunday, February 12th. This was during the travel soccer shooting camp that began at 12:30. If found, please contact: Dawn Corbett (571)212-4910 or dawn.corbett@gmail.com

Thursday, February 2nd, at Yorktown/Greenbrier

LOST: Green Ball size 5. The ball my son lost is a size 5 green ball with James McIntyre written on it.  It was left at Greenbriar (Yorktown) on Thursday the 2nd at 6:30pm.  If found, please contact:  Christy@christy.playbyplay@gmail.com

Sunday, February 2, at Yorktown/Greenbrier

LOST: February 2, 2017 at Yorktown/Greenbrier after the 8-9:30pm travel soccer and academy practices.  Brand new Nike size 5 ball; orange with some green, outlined with black lines.  If found, please contact: Jennifer Dowling, jencond@gmail.com.

Sunday, January 15th, Williamsburg Middle School field

LOST: Red LL Bean fleece jacket (size 10-12) at Williamsburg Middle School Sunday the 15th. This was during the travel soccer goal keeper camp that began at 12:30. If found, please contact: Dawn Corbett (571)212-4910

Saturday, December 4th, Williamsburg Middle School field

LOST: One black glove, right-hand, women’s size 8 (large), brand: Outdoor Research Lost on Sunday, December 4 at Williamsburg Middle School during the High School rec tournament. If found, please contact: Jennifer at jjlis@comcast.net

Saturday, December 3rd, Williamsburg Middle School field

LOST: lost a navy blue hoodie that says “Washington Lee Generals” on it, on Saturday (Dec 3) at Williamsburg Middle School field #1. The game was at 10:30AM so it was about 10:20AM.  If found, please contact: Liz ehayes703@gmail.com

Saturday, November 28th, Williamsburg MS

LOST: iPhone 5 black with fake wood leather case, Nov 28 after 3:00pm practices. If found, please call 571-275-7001 (father: Jiri Tucker). It’s Hadrian Tucker’s phone.

Saturday, November 5th-19th, at Discovery ES fields:

FOUND: White Adidas Messi Soccer Ball, Size 5 with the name “Jack Pagano” and a phone number, Saturday 11/19 at 4pm by the Discovery ES parking lot (I tried calling the number but it didn’t work)
2. Bright Pink Thermos brand metal water bottle, Saturday 11/5 at 4pm in between the turf fields
3. Girl’s teal and brown fleece glove with mitten attachment, Saturday 11/5 at 4pm in between the turf fields
4. Girl’s long sleeve black half zip workout top, size  youth M, merino wool blend, Saturday 11/5 at 4pm in between the turf fields. Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Saturday, November 19th,  Long Bridge field

FOUND at Long Bridge field 1A after the tournament finals around 5pm Saturday 11/19:
1. Navy Blue and white fleece half zip pullover jacket with GW University Soccer and #18, size adult L, Holloway brand. Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Saturday, November 12th,  Benjamin Banneker field

FOUND:  Grey hooded zip-up sweatshirt, adult size M/M.    Has “Barca” on the back and an FCB shield on the front.     Found at Benjamin Banneker soccer field on Saturday, November 12.  Please contact asd@georgetown.edu.

Saturday, November 5th, Williamsburg MS

LOST: Williamsburg MS fields around 4pm— Black zip up fleece jacket, with “Silver Stampede, July 2007, Montana” embroidered in yellow gold with a horse. I forget the  size but it’s my personal jacket so it’s equal to an Adult S or M.

Saturday, November 5th, VA Highlands

Found:  Arlington Travel Warm-Up Jacket #43 (either Youth Medium or Large) and Youth small Travel Warm-Up Jacket #28 was found at Va Highlands on Saturday, Nov 5th during an evening game.  Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157

Saturday, November 5th, Highlands Park

LOST:  Leather choker necklace with a pearl lost at Highlands on Saturday, November 5 after the 1:30 pm game.  If found, please call 703-307-3848.

Saturday, November 5th, Gunston, M S

FOUND: Youth -Med, gray sweatshirt (GAP) and Youth -Med, blue “Patagonia” sweatshirt.  Please contact the ASA office @ 703-527-0157


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