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Refereeing within ASA is an excellent way for new and prospective referees to get introduced to refereeing in an environment which is focused on development and learning. Refereeing within ASA has many benefits, including understanding the rules of the game better, getting some exercise, giving back to the soccer community, developing confidence and leadership skills, and making some money! If you are interested in becoming an ASA referee, please continue reading below.

If you are already a current ASA referee, please follow this link.

Becoming a Referee

  • The Arlington Soccer Association invites all Arlington/Falls Church area youths who want to referee games to attend an ASA Referee class.
  • ASA Youth Referee Certification classes are held twice a year — before the spring and fall seasons. Referees must complete two 2 1/2 hour classroom sessions and a field practice in order to referee ASA recreational games for 2nd through 6th grade players. This is not a USSF 8 course, and is free!
  • You are especially welcome if you have taken the USSF 8 or 9 course – you will be promoted quickly and receive $4 bonus for each game refereed.
  • The minimum age is 14, however, there is no maximum
  • If you are already an adult USSF grade 8 referee of higher, and want to referee:

ASA Referee Class Schedule and Information



The Fall Class is held Sep 6, and 9 at Kenmore Middle School Black Box Theater, and field practice on Sept 10 9am-12pm at Williamsburg Middle School.  A second class will likely be held in mid-October, also fully subscribed.

If you register, please remember we all have many activities but this is once-a-season training that launches on a career that can earn you over $1000 in school, builds confidence and responsibility, and can start lifetime of professional activity, so please make sure you are dedicated and ready for training even if it means missing a soccer practice.  Being a referee is an important job, and your coaches have been told it is an ASA priority activity.

To register (and you will be kept on rolling list), please email with your name, address, birth date, email and phone number to, with subject line “Spring2017class”.  Please do not call or email other addresses.

There are usually 2 courses per season depending on game load (ever growing) and candidate demand, with priority to older candidates, so do not be discouraged if you cannot take the first course.  The second course is usually held at midpoint of season (mid-October), so you will start this season.

Once confirmed as registered in the class, you then need to bring the following materials with you to class:

You must also study the FIFA Laws of the Game before you come to class.  This should take 2-5 hours depending on your desire and previous knowledge or experience.

ASA youth classes are only for Arlington and Falls Church Virginia youth, not adults.

USSF Grade 8
ASA has arranged USSF8 New Referee course for Sept 19- 27 at Walter Reed Community Center, a higher qualification that will increase your pay as ASA Ref by $4 per game.  All current prospective ASA referees or adults viewing this page are encouraged to take that course if you want to become a referee.   Please take the USSF8 course if you can — go to to learn about registration and courses that will be held in Arlington and elsewhere in Northern Virginia in the coming months.

You must also study the FIFA Laws of the Game before you come to class.  This should take 2-5 hours depending on your desire and previous knowledge or experience.

Pay Rates for ASA Referees

Questions? Please email Charles Corry (Rec Ref Assigner) at

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