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On-Field Coordinator

Arlington County Parks and Recreation Opening

The on-field coordinator for the three pick-up soccer programs at Long Bridge Park, on Tuesday and Thursday nights, is resigning after working with this program for almost nine years.  His last nights will be July 16 - 18.

We are recruiting a person to coordinate on-field pick-up soccer play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Long Bridge.  While having one person work both nights is preferable, we are open to hiring two different people, one for Tuesday and one for Thursday, The on-field hours are shown below. 

  • Tuesdays:  7:30 – 11:15/11:30 pm
  • Thursdays:  9:15 – 11:15 pm

Some off-field time is also needed, on an inconsistent basis.  If one person works both nights, the total time is usually 6-7 hours per week.  The hourly pay is $15-$17.

Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Monitor play on two or four fields to enforce safe play guidelines; counsel and remove players as needed
  • Assign players to teams and fields; change assignments as needed to balance the play, taking into consideration skill, age, gender, and experience
  • Resolve field use conflicts with individuals or groups without a permit  (with assistance from Facility Rover and Park Rangers)
  • Take weekly attendance and send attendance lists to Sports Programmer (me)
  • Create a playing environment that is welcoming to novice players (Tuesday Non-Competitive group), and is safe for all players in all groups
  • Provide first aid supplies to injured players at the field (supplies provided by County)
  • Set up and take down pop-up goals for Tuesday High Intermediate
  • Communicate with players by email as needed; communicate regularly with Sports Programmer
  • Provide input and advice about pick-up program issues, players, and how to improve the program

Skills and experience desired:

  • Knowledge of soccer rules, play, and skills, to evaluate players’ ability and balance the teams and to recognize unsafe play on the field.
  • Calm but strong demeanor to deescalate on-field issues, enforce the rules, resolve field permit conflicts, and ensure safe play.
  • Strong organizational skills for record-keeping (attendance), team division, remembering players.
  • Ability to obtain CPR and First Aid Certification within 3 months (DPR will provide)

Someone who plays soccer in Arlington could be an asset for this program.  If you would like to be considered for the on-field pick-up soccer coordinator position, please fill out this application form and email it to me at  The application deadline is 5 pm on Tuesday, July 9, which I realize is a very short turn-around.  We need to get this position filled and someone on the field as quickly as possible.