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Arlington Soccer FAQs


General Arlington Soccer program FAQs are listed below.  Travel specific FAQs can be found here.

What is ASA?

Founded in 1970, the Arlington Soccer Association offers recreational and travel soccer, as well as a number of other camps, clinics and other programs throughout the year.  Over 9,000 children take advantage of ASA programs each year.

What sorts of activities does ASA offer?

ASA offers a variety of soccer programs throughout the year, including Recreational (frequently referred to as “Rec”), Developmental (ADP) and Travel soccer, camps and clinics, and more.  You can read about our principal programs on this web site, starting with Rec SoccerDevelopmental ProgramTravel Soccer, and our other programs.  We work with kids from the pre-kindergarten years up through high school.

I’m new to the Arlington area…how do I start?

1 – You are in the right place!  First, look at the range of programs that we offer, including Recreational soccer, Developmental (ADP) soccer, Travel soccer, and more.  Which appeals most to you?

2 – Sign up for our e-newsletter and stop on top of all things ASA:  Sign Up Now!

3 – Check us out on social media (Facebook and Twitter) for up-to-the-minute notifications and items of interest

4 – If interested in our Recreational soccer program, first determine which neighborhood soccer club you belong to by checking the info on this page.

5 – If interested in our Developmental program, you can learn more here.

6 – If interested in our Travel program, you can learn more here.

7 – If you still have questions, please ask!

How do I know which program is right for my child?

First, figure out which program is appropriate based on the age of your child.  Rec soccer is for players in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Mini Soccer is for children from 3 years through those who will enter Kindergarten in *the coming Fall*, not this Fall.  ADP focuses on players roughly in grades 3-5, and Travel focuses on players loosely in Grades 3 – 12.

I registered my child for Rec soccer.  Now what happens?

Once a player is registered, the next thing to expect is to hear from your player’s coach(es) who will tell you about practice times and locations.

Most teams practice weeknights starting around 5 to 6pm; games are mostly Saturdays.

Specifics: Once someone successfully registers for Rec soccer, the player’s name is maintained in ASA’s registration system and is assigned to one of ASA’s neighborhood clubs.  Exception: High school players join teams formed within the overall High School club.  For elementary school students, the assignment is based on which school the child attends.

Once assigned, the club manager works with his coaches to form teams.  Then the coaches contact their respective players to let them know about practice schedules, locations, and any other pertinent info.

How are Recreational Soccer teams formed?

Teams are formed primarily by the neighborhood club managers, sometimes with the help of individual coaches. ASA staff typically are not involved in team formation and player placement on teams.

How can I get my child on a Travel team?

ASA’s Travel program conducts tryouts each Spring, typically starting mid-May. Keep an eye out for tryout information on this site starting in April.  Also, some teams may have current needs to fill out their rosters.  For more info about this, please contact the Director of Travel Coaching (German Peri) using the contact info shown here.

What is ASA’s tax ID number?

ASA’s tax ID number is 23-7284150.

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